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Evergenics Complete Nutrition For Men And Women
Omega 3 Fish Oil, Super Premium Wild Caught Formula From Evergenics

High-dose omega-3s from wild-caught fish in the purest waters on Earth.

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Super Daily Gummy Multivitamins

All the essential nutrients an adult needs to achieve and maintain peak health!

Super Daily Gummy Multivitamins

Green Coffee Bean Extract is just one of our formulas shown to help you slim down faster!

Super Daily Gummy Multivitamins

Try our Organic Turmeric and Omega 3 to give your heart and overall health a boost!

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Yummy foods packing a protein punch!

For that hot bod all year long!

6 easy ways to boost your brain health

A higher IQ is possible, really!

Potatoes for weight loss? You bet!

Creamy mashed potatoes...say what?!

Foods to fire up your metabolism

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Advanced Daily Formula For Total Digestive Cleansing

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Lemon Flavored Omega!

Our Super Premium Omega Fish Oil now comes in a pleasant lemon flavor. No fishy taste. All the incredible power for high dose EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids from organic, wild-caught fish.

Get Clean. Get Lean!

The ingredients in Evergenics Detox & Cleanse have been shown to assist weight loss and slimming in addition to flushing harmful toxins! We've got all the scientific research for you right here.
Healthy Couple

Weight Loss Super Sale!

Take $50 off (55.5%) Supreme Potency Garcinia Cambogia! Garcinia is the most sought after weight loss ingredient in the world and Evergenics Ultimate Strength is the strongest you can buy!
Garcinia Cambogia Ultimate Strength Weight Loss Formula On Sale


5 new ways to find fitness motivation

(BPT) - It is no secret that building up the motivation to exercise can sometimes be more challenging than the workout itself. But what if you already have the tools you need to find your motivation? It might be as easy as assembling a playlist of your favorite songs,...

Surprising foods that pack a protein punch

(BPT) - It helps you build muscle and tissues. You need it to make blood, antibodies and hair. It keeps you satisfied for longer so you can fight hunger pangs. Protein isn't just for athletes and bodybuilders - it's essential for everyone striving for a healthy...

6 reasons you need more bananas in your life

(BPT) - Bananas are a tasty snack that many people eat regularly without much thought, but there's more to the iconic yellow fruit than just its convenience and color. Bananas are a superfood loaded with nutrients and have been enjoyed worldwide for hundreds of years....

Gut check: Eat the right kinds of whole grains with the right kinds of fiber to cut cancer risk

(BPT) - Can cutting back on whole grains be bad for your gut and deadly to your health? Though some popular diets promote the elimination of grains, a recent report from the American Institute for Cancer Research suggests this may be ill-advised.Researchers say 47...

Smart food swaps mean more nutrition and less ‘giving up’ in 2019

(BPT 2019) - Does it ever seem like a lot of healthy-eating advice is about "less," "giving up" and "taking away?" Reducing fat and sodium intake, avoiding high-calorie foods and trimming portion size are commonly heard pieces of...

Fighting an illness? 4 ways to boost your immune system

(BPT) - The winter months bring cold and flu season, which can take a toll on your health. While flu shots and rest are common advice for prevention, a strong immune system is critical to keeping you healthy all year long....

4 things you can do to boost your fat IQ and slim down easier

(BPT) - If you've struggled with your weight, you know that fat can be a bad three-letter word. You've warded against it, tried to reduce it and agonized over what fat can do to your self-esteem and your waist line. But how much do you really know about fat? And how...

Lose weight with CBD hemp oil and likely live a longer, happier life

You've probably heard that hemp oil containing CBD (cannabidiol) can relieve pain and anxiety, but did you know that studies show that hemp can help you lose weight? Evergenics Hemp Oil contains oleic acid. Research has shown that increasing consumption of oleic acid,...

Losing weight with fish oil might be the best move you haven’t tried this summer

When you think of fish oil, weight loss isn't usually the first thing that comes to mind. However, fish oil is an ideal source for omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to cause surprising, significant and dependable fat loss in numerous human trials*. In...

Savvy summer fitness and nutrition tips

(BPT) - The warmer-weather months are the ideal time to get outdoors, stay active and focus on your health goals. Staying fit and eating healthy can come easy when you keep a few simple tips in mind.Explore Mother NatureIf the gym is getting boring or just isn't your...

3 formerly misunderstood foods now a part of a well-balanced diet

(BPT) - Throughout history, misconceptions, misinformation and popular culture have influenced Americans' eating habits. Many foods that were previously eaten daily are now considered unhealthy. Conversely, some foods that were thought to be “bad for you,”...

Say goodbye to winter blues with vitamin D-rich foods

(BPT) - Winter got you down? Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is estimated to affect 10 million Americans, according to Psychology Today. Another 10 percent to 20 percent may have mild SAD. Even if you don't have diagnosed SAD, it's not uncommon to have bouts of the...

Try this protein-packed substitute to make lunchtime more nutritious!

(BPT) - Cottage cheese is having a moment.Nutritionists and health-minded individuals have discovered that the dairy case staple can actually unlock a lot of mealtime solutions, especially when it comes to remaking recipes with a creamy base, such as tuna salad and...

Try this science-backed way to learn in your sleep

(BPT) - The brain never rests. If you've shared a room with a sleep-talker or woken from an intense dream, it’s pretty clear the brain is always active, even during sleep. If we better understand what is happening up there while we rest, perhaps we can direct that...

Winning routines for warding off winter weight gain

(BPT) - With cold weather and short days, it’s easy to fall off healthy eating and exercise routines. Here are tips on how to eat right and stay motivated to exercise during the winter months from a leading nutritionist and a top celebrity trainer. EAT RIGHT Dr....

The simple plan that can keep your cholesterol in check

(BPT) - For legendary TV personality and Emmy-award winner Regis Philbin, everything changed on a seemingly ordinary day back in 1992. While in Miami shooting a television commercial, the popular host — who usually plowed forward with his various commitments as...

5 simple steps to be your best at any age

(BPT) - They say you’re only as young as you feel, and if you're an older American, the ability to feel young a little while longer is always appealing. Having a youthful state of mind goes a long way toward accomplishing this goal, but you can’t ignore...

Want to lose weight? Research proves a big breakfast is the first step

(BPT) - If you want to lose weight, you're not alone. More than half of Americans desire to shed pounds, according to Gallup. This goal inspires people to take action in many ways, from increasing exercise to modifying meals.One thing many people do is skip breakfast...

How to build healthy habits for the school year and beyond

(BPT) - Bells are ringing across the country as kids settle into classrooms for a year full of fun, friendship and plenty of learning.While exciting, adjusting to new school schedules is a hectic time. Healthy habits are often forgotten as the focus shifts to studies,...

6 easy ways to boost your brain health

(BPT) - When you think about health and wellness, what first comes to mind? Most likely it’s along the lines of fitness, healthy eating and doctor’s appointments. But have you ever considered the importance of brain health as you age? According to the National...