Flora Supreme Probiotics with Advanced Prebiotics

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• Our trademarked form of probiotic, Bacillus coagulans, is the most advanced probiotic you can buy and favored by doctors over all other forms of healthy bacteria,1 including L. acidophilus

• 70% of the immune system resides in the gut:2 our Flora Supreme Probiotics with prebiotics is guaranteed to survive all the important elements — shipping, production, extreme temperature, exposure to air and stomach acid — to reach your intestines, the only place that probiotics can provide healthy benefits

• Billions of active cells per tablet: much superior to capsules and yogurt!

• Maximum support for digestion and immune function

• Proven weight management and weight loss benefits3 4
5 6

• Flora Supreme is the most effective probiotic formula you can buy: with prebiotics to further replenish and stimulate healthy probiotic growth

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Ingredient List & Scientific Research

Supreme Flora from Evergenics Features a Trademarked Form of Advanced Probiotics and Advanced Trademarked B-88 Prebiotics

Probiotics can help:

• Reduce multiple symptoms of poor digestion including providing relief for constipation, gas, bloating and diarrhea

•  Strengthen the immune system

•  Aid weight loss

Probiotics: What Are They?

Probiotics are a type of live bacteria used for the vast health benefits they can offer. These living microorganisms are often called “healthy” or “friendly bacteria” or just the “good” bacteriaAlthough you might be quick to think of bacteria as harmful “germs,” certain types of bacteria are actually vital to keep the body functioning well, especially in the digestive tract. The average human is made up of about 30 trillion cells, mostly red blood cells, which is about equal to the number of bacteria he or she is composed of, according to a new 2016 study that revises the previously accepted estimate that bacteria outnumbered human cells up to 10 to 1.

Boost Your Immune System With Probiotics

70% of the human immune system resides in the gastrointestinal tract13 which is actually a complex system of gut-associated lymphoid tissue (also called the “gut”) . This means taking good care of your gut can help strengthen your body’s immunity responses. Supplementing your diet with probiotics, like those in Flora Supreme, replenish your digestive system’s healthy bacteria. By creating a more favorable balance of “good” bacteria to harmful bacteria in your body, probiotics can improve your gut’s ability to perform its important immune functions. A British Journal of Sports Medicine study found that taking probiotics, over a span of four months, cut cough and cold symptoms in half among the twenty athletes involved in the research.14

What are Prebiotics?

Prebiotics are substances that induce the growth or activity of microorganisms (e.g., bacteria and fungi) that contribute to the well-being of their host;15 put simply, prebiotics nourish the growth of your gut’s healthy probiotics. The most common example is in the gastrointestinal tract, where prebiotics can beneficially alter the balance of organisms in the gut.16 Prebiotics pass undigested through the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract and stimulate the growth of advantageous bacteria that colonize the large bowel.17

Flora Supreme contains a trademarked prebiotic in the form of a fructooligosaccharide called Nutri-Fructo B-88™. Fructooligosaccharides are zero-calorie prebiotics that stimulate the growth of healthy, nonpathogenic intestinal microflora.18 In addition to the the role of fructooligosaccharides as prebiotics, they offer additional beneficial effects including improved mineral absorption, decreased levels of blood cholesterol, triacylglycerols and phospholipids.19

Flora Supreme Probiotics Offer The Highest Survivability!
If Your Probiotic Can’t Survive, It Can’t Possibly Offer Any Benefit.

Most forms of probiotic bacterial strains, like those in yogurt or common Lactobacillus acidophilus products, die or become inactive as a result of product processing or when exposed to room temperature (which is why many probiotic formulas require refrigeration) and especially when coming into contact with bile fluids and stomach acid.

Flora Supreme contains a trademarked preparation of probiotics called Bacillus coagulans that is vastly superior to most formulas for its extreme survivability and resilience:

• Survives stomach acid so it can reach the lower intestine where it can rapidly colonize and benefit the body

• Withstands the rigor of manufacturing, packaging and transport without any loss of viability or potency

• Remains stable at room temperature, requires no refrigeration and offers a shelf life of 3 years with no loss of potency

• Resistant to even extreme temperatures! From high boiling to low freezing our preparation of Bacillus coagulans survives!

Weight Loss With Probiotics Supported By Research

A recent research report acknowledges probiotics can prevent belly fat accumulation.20 In this report a study was presented, conducted on human subjects, that demonstrated probiotics can influence the digestive system to not store fats and also increase the amount of fat that is passed through in waste elimination.21 Further research has been conducted by the British Journal of Nutrition, and has been published by Université Laval in Quebec, suggesting that women who add probiotics to their diet could lose up to twice as much weight22 as those who don’t: the details of this study have been reported by many mainstream media outlets.23 24 Further research published by the Annual Review of Nutrition and the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition supports the effective use of probiotics for reducing “fat mass development” and even specifically diminishing belly fat (abdominal adiposity).25 26

Can’t I Just Eat Yogurt for Probiotics?

Many people think yogurt is a great way to add probiotics to their day. But here is just one of many problems: there are no guarantees as to the amount of live microflora you will be consuming. You can’t even be certain that live cultures in your yogurt will survive exposure to the air at room temperature and your body’s fluids, especially stomach acid, to make it to your intestines, which is the only place that probiotics can do your body any good. With Flora Supreme, you can clearly read on the label the precise amount of probiotics and prebiotics you are consuming per serving, and you can absolutely count on the ability of our probiotics to survive all of the elements to reach your intestines and thrive.

Most yogurts that claim to be probiotic involve pasteurization. Pasteurization destroys many of the naturally occurring probiotics in yogurt. Futhermore, products made with pasteurized milk, like many yogurts, come with a long list of health and other problems.27

Yogurt can also be a source for a lot of thing you don’t want in your diet. Popular brand name yogurts are commonly high in sugar and may contain high fructose corn syrup, dyes or artificial sweeteners — all of which can derail a weight loss program and worsen overall health.

When you choose Flora Supreme for your daily probiotics, rather than yogurt, you are making the safe and smart choice. With Flora Supreme you can rest assured that you are supplying your diet with billions of active and effective living microflora per serving, that will survive stomach acid and the elements to reach your intestines. Flora Supreme lets you get your probiotics and prebiotics straight up — without the additional calories, sweeteners and additives often found in popular yogurts.

Why Choose Flora Supreme for Your Probiotics and Prebiotics?

Flora Supreme is the most advanced probiotic formula you can buy. Its trademarked preparation of the probiotic, Bacillus coagulans, is guaranteed to survive all the important elements — shipping, production, extreme temperature, exposure to air, stomach acid and bile fluid — to reach your intestines, where it can take effect and benefit your health. In fact, doctors like Joseph Mercola, creator of the #1 site for alternative health information in the world,28 favor Bacillus coagulans over all other healthy bacteria strains, including L. acidophilus: Dr. Mercola has said, “Even though I’ve come to the conclusion that no one solution works for everyone, the Bacillus Coagulans strain has been proven highly effective. It’s the one I use personally, and the one we recommend in my Natural Health Center. Its main benefits are that it is present in spore form, and survives the acidic environment of your stomach — making it to your small intestine where it does the most good.”29 Not only do you get the best type of probiotic in Flora Supreme, with billions of active microflora per tablet, each serving offers our trademarked prebiotics to further nourish and stimulate probiotic growth in the digestive tract.

We stand by our product 100% and know it is the most advanced and effective probiotic formula you can buy. Like all Evergenics premium formulas, Flora Supreme comes with a 100% money back guarantee. So go ahead and try a bottle today and change your health and possibly your entire life, knowing that your Evergenics purchase is absolutely, 100% risk-free!



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